Exploring Raku & Other Firing Techniques - WED PM
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Are you ready to expand your creative horizons and have your objects change, develop, morph and transform? 

In this class, we will be exploring several types of Raku firing. You will learn different surface treatments such as horsehair, feathers, naked raku, saggar firing, ferric chloride surface treatments, and other bare clay techniques. 

Students will also have the option of working on conventional wheel and handbuilt projects. 

Clay will be provided as needed, up to 50 lbs. along with open studio time. Ages 16 and up.

Instructor: Mike Kuhn

Runs 1/6/2021-3/17/2021

Regular Cost: $265

Regular Member or Senior: $255

Regular Senior Member: $245

Potters Market/Production* Cost: $365 | Members & Senior Cost: $355 | Senior Member Cost: $345

*Production potters are those artists who create their work for resale on the internet, boutiques, stores, art shows, galleries, Potter's Market, commissions, etc.

The Michigan Art Center is located at 32129 Block Street, Garden City, MI 48135. For more information, please visit our website at www.michiganartcenter.com


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Exploring Raku & Other Firing Techniques - WED PM

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